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Moneris SurePayroll: A Faster, Simpler Payroll Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

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Process your entire payroll in less than five minutes, anywhere anytime. Once enrolled, simply go online to confirm, update and process payroll.

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save money
Stop paying double! Compare your current costs for payroll processing with ours. Direct Deposit, Tax Filing, Payroll Reports, and more are all included!

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stay in control
No more waiting for anything. You decide when and where to process your payroll. Our exclusive Payroll Preview Screen tells you exactly how much money you need in your account BEFORE you approve payroll. With Moneris SurePayroll you know it will be accurate.

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New! - Estimate your net or gross pay with our new payroll calculators.

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Moneris SurePayroll is an Authorized IRS e-file for Business Provider

Moneris SurePayroll uses the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System for all of our customers.

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